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    • The Bible Recap - A reading plan with a daily short commentary video to help you dive deeper into what you read - Start - The Bible Recap















Bible Commentaries

Commentaries provide brief explanations of verses and passages in the Bible.  They can help you understand what's behind the text and make you aware of the debates behind difficult passages.  They can help take your understanding deeper.  But it's important to remember, commentaries are not the Word of God, they are someone's opinions.  And when you consult multiple commentaries you'll find opinions differ.  Remember the power is in the Word of God.  But commentaries can be a helpful resource for thinking more deeply about the text.

If you're interested in going deeper into individual books, lists of helpful commentaries can be found here: Best Commentaries | Old and New Testament Bible Commentary reviews, ratings, and prices

For most people's purposes, a good whole Bible commentary is sufficient.  Here are some that we've used and enjoyed:






Language Tools

Want to dive deeper into the original languages of the Bible?  There are lots of resources that can help.





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Systematic Theologies

A systematic theology addresses the core doctrines of Christianity.  It will present multiple views of this doctrine and how it's been understood throughout church history and then give you the author's opinion of the best understanding of this doctrine.  You probably won't read a systematic theology cover to cover.  It's useful as a reference to understand different issues. A systematic theology will cover issues like 'How should we understand the character and nature of God?', 'What does the Bible say about the Trinity?', and 'What is the history of the different views on baptism or the end times?'.  Here's a couple of our favorites:



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