join a lifegroup

Looking for a chance to connect with others, for a way to get plugged in at Crossroads, or maybe want to learn more about Christianity? Then become part of a LifeGroup. 

Why Join a LifeGroup

We believe in the importance of doing life together. We do this by building and cultivating relationships with one another while growing in our spiritual walk with the Lord. LifeGroups allow people to learn about God in a safe and loving environment, where their spiritual needs as well as their physical needs can be met. Ranging in age from young singles to married with grown children, they are made up of people who call Crossroads their home.

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What do lifegroups look like at Crossroads?

1. They are centered on the study of the Word of God

LifeGroups provide people with an additional way to study the Word of God outside of the Sunday morning service, building a relationship with God through the study of His Word. This is the centerpiece of the LifeGroup.

2. They are networks of care for our church

LifeGroup leaders provide an "atmosphere of care” where people know that they will be cared for, and where they are also challenged to care for each other as well.

3. Relationship building networks

Just as we are called to live in fellowship with others in the body of Christ, we want to provide opportunities for people to do that. Getting to know others and doing life together in a LifeGroup is one of the ways to do that.

How do I know if I'm ready to join a LifeGroup?

If Crossroads is a place that you feel you can call your church home, and you desire to get connected with others while learning more about the Bible, we invite you to consider joining a LifeGroup.